About MOST

MOST has nearly 30 years of extensive experience in the execution of roadshows and hence also has a vast knowledge of how vehicles have to be built and equipped for such purposes.

Registered Office

Situated in the centre of Europe

Head office and MOST locations worldwide

Showroom for Roadshow Infomobil and Promotiontrucks

Apart from vehicle development, personalisation and central control of all roadshow activities in the registered office in Fuerth, the MOST range of vehicles is also produced in three further production sites.

Subsidiaries and agencies abroad with local contacts in the most important major cities complete the profile of MOST and make sure that roadshows do not have to stop at any borders. 

A demonstration of new or used vehicles is possible for prospective customers and existing clients at any time, and if the weather gods play along, meetings can also be held in our green creative zone.


Leading through innovation and performance

According to the following assessment criteria, MOST is a European leading manufacturer and rental/leasing company for special vehicles in the field of mobile promotion shows and training, popup stores, events and information campaigns.

  • vehicle quality and range
  • number of vehicles built per year
  • fleet size and low vehicle age
  • new customers and orders per year
  • strength of innovation and financial power

This leading role brings with it the attractive obligation for us to ensure permanent and consequent product development as well as high performance and quality in what we deliver and what we do.

MOST not only sets high standards regarding a durable and reliable construction and the attractive overall visual appearance, but also regarding functionality in everyday handling. After all, the goal is to have MOST special vehicles stand out from the crowd and be ready for use at the respective location with the least possible expenditure of time and personnel.

Our services for roadshows and truck owners consist of strictly tailor-made and holistic solutions. Extensive competence in consultation and execution, honesty and reliability as well as transparent budgeting and billing are for us the basis for cooperation every time – and the best foundation for your success.

Yesterday to today

The most interesting moments happen when you don't expect them

Rather by coincidence, the passion for unusual high-capacity vehicles formed the foundation for our company history in 1988. Back then, our boss wanted to buy an old Corvette Stingray during a stay in the US, but he could not find the right one. Absolutely determined to at least bring back some kind of old car, he bought one of those long chauffeur limousines with TV, video, a bar and a glass partition to the driver. While he was not at all sure what to really do with the "stretched vehicle" at that stage, already people started to ask whether they could hire the car for weddings... that is how it all started.

But only a few months later the time for  the white wedding operations was over  and Billy Idol turned up instead. The big concert organisers, TV stations and record labels began to notice us. Further luxury limousines up to 8 metres long were bought and went on tour with world-famous music stars such as Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Zuccero, Rod Stewart and many other artists. At the same time along the way, exotic vehicles such as Cobra, Excalibur, Rolls Royce, Ferrari and pick-up-trucks, added to the extraordinary fleet.

In 1990, the first show truck was utilised. The company specialised more and more in working with advertising and event agencies, as well as brand companies. Exhibition and stage trucks, as well as the rental of promotion cars and bikes became the main focus.

Subsequently, the company repeatedly set extraordinary landmarks, for example with the largest US-truck in Germany at the time, with an impressive tank volume of 4,516 litres for a non-stop tour to Moscow and back. Or with the in-house production of cost-effective truck miniature models for roadshow customers; afterwards hundreds of thousands of the models were to be found in beer crates.

The years 2004 and 2006 saw the first exports of show trucks to Dubai and Russia as well as the move to the new company facilities in the north of the triangle between the cities Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen.

In 2009, the decision was made to build an in-house show-truck range under the name of FUTURIA. In 2010, the first prototype with luxury-trailer is presented to the press and from 2012 onwards, following the approval of the homologation, the first units are finally built in a mini-series and delivered.

Today MOST Mobile Specials is Europe's leading manufacturer and rental/leasing service of special vehicles for promotion, information and events. Our highest priority is the top condition and the uniqueness of the vehicles as well as the maximum performance in consultation and support for the execution of mobile marketing measures.

Currently, MOST finds itself in the planning stages for the new company headquarters of approx. 10,000m2  with an integrated 1,200m2 showroom for new vehicles. The move is going to be celebrated in 2014 at the 25th company anniversary.

Of course we would love to write more about our further plans and developments. But we also want you as our customer, partner or prospective customer to experience and shape interesting moments with us in the future even those that some might not expect. By the way: our old boss is still here, but there is still no old Corvette.


Guenter Hofbauer

Guenter Hofbauer is CEO and Senior Consultant at MOST. At the age of 22 he decided he wanted to be self-employed and preferred earning money to finishing his studies. This decision was to pay off in the years to come. In 1989 he laid the foundation for MOST Mobile Specials GmbH and transformed it from a one-man-business to Europe's leading supplier of special vehicles for promotion and product presentation.

Mr Hofbauer's focus is on the constant evolution of MOST's products, because innovation, creative ideas and attractive vehicles are MOST's strengths.

In 2010 for the first time Mr Hofbauer completely took on the role of design patron and chief developer for the FUTURIA truck: “The world is full of mediocrity. In order to stand out from the mass of millions of vehicles, special, unique attributes are necessary. This is our standard, as vehicles from MOST are eye-catchers and ambassadors attracting maximum attention as well as contacts. The FUTURIA sets completely new standards here and we have every reason to be excited about what the future will bring.”

Being a numbers-person and a creative mind at the same time does not usually go together very well. Yet it is just these two characteristics that he unites in himself. “If you want your company to be stable, it is important to have a command of the numbers, because both banks and investors need you to be a reliable partner. But it is just as important to have the intuition that is needed to present the company and its products in the right light with good marketing and aesthetics“, says Mr Hofbauer.

His passion for the subject will ensure that in future he will also keep surprising the market with eye-catching trucks and info-mobiles.

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