Vehicles from MOST are characterised by the latest motor technology, lightweight construction and energy-saving equipment. However we are also aware of the further environmental impact of our business activities and are actively working reducing it. We ensure sustainability of our company by changing our business practices through our programme for environmental protection: We are successively reducing the use of fossil fuels and are constantly improving our efficiency in order to save costs.

Economising on weight

Lightweight construction saves fuel

For a long time, MOST has emphasised a construction technique with a particularly light aluminium-frame and bodywork, specifically for the vehicle types PROMOSTAR and FUTURIA. The aerodynamics of a truck are also very important to us, ie the front wall of the trailer must not stand out further than necessary. The FUTURIA-truck in particular is a prime example for aerodynamics as proven by wind tunnel tests. Reduction of weight and air-resistance are the best way of saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.

Conserving Resources

State-of-the-art technology protects the environment

MOST also sets new standards in the field of vehicle technology. Since 2010, MOST has used only LED lighting technology, which only needs 20% of the previous wattage despite higher illumination levels.

Vehicles by MOST are always equipped with the latest engines for reduced toxic emissions. We build our interiors with innovative click-systems for reusable walls and for the most part use digital AV-technology which generates less heat and also consumes less electricity.

CO2 Compensation

Support the environment with your promotion tour

As a globally operating rental company for trucks and info trucks we move vehicles all over the world for our customers. You can neutralise the emissions generated during your own roadshow in the form of CO2 compensation. The offsetting is effected through internationally recognised climate protection projects.


For the CO2 compensation of roadshows MOST co-operates with the non-profit organisation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership. myclimate develops their own climate protection projects leading to the direct reduction of greenhouse gases and thus enables tangible climate protection. The international initiative with Swiss roots is amongst the leading providers of voluntary compensation measures worldwide.

myclimate climate protection projects make their impact by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies or energy-efficient technologies. myclimate is recommended by independent studies as one of the globally leading providers of voluntary CO2 compensation measures. Read more on

Learn more about myclimate in this video:

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