More and more people are longing for those good old times of values, deceleration and the feeling of social solidarity in our fast-moving present. Therefore they are turning back to the past and to their own childhood and youth which has a fascinating attraction.

Marketing is picking up on „retro“ as being a big opportunity for sales and this is why more and more brands are offering products which are related to the idyllic past.

Retro is also on the advance within mobile marketing activities. With RETROSTAR, MOST Mobile Specials GmbH is offering extraordinary and conspicuous vehicles from the 30ies to the 50ies era for promotion activities.

RETROSTAR does not stand for Oldtimer, it is a style which is becoming a big trend: Inner and exterior values are kept safe and stability is given.

Carefully selected vehicles with an impressive design of that respective decade attract people from all ages.

Each RETROSTAR is equipped with a modern powertrain which is adapted for both - drivers, who are less experienced - and for its particular use in marketing and advertisement. Whether in urban scenery or on events – its field of application is diverse and it attracts all the attention.

RETROSTAR Pickups, which are individually equipped with advertisement, provide a special authenticity for brands and emphasize the company's history. The viewer is able to develop an own image and explore his memory of the good old times.

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