Vehicle Selection

For short- and long-term rental or purchase – to the full service leasing incl. operating and support:

MOST Mobile offers an awesome and proven model range of vehicles for marketing activities, with individual space and well equipped.


This car trailer as a trade fair or information booth offers a maximum of advertising space. Modern cubical design
with an extra storage space. Canopied area approx. 24 sqm; ready for use in approx. 10-35 minutes.


Infomobil/promotional vehicle with a futuristic design, innovative lightweight, agile and quick balancing, FS class B
Floor space approx. 11 sqm; operational in approx. 5-8 minutes.


Versatile tractor with sporty look; Lightweight design; Depending on the combination up to 187 m2 area
Floor space approx. 32 sqm; operational in approx. 10-25 minutes.


Conspicuous trailer lightweight aerodynamic design; 11.9 tons GVW.; available also with roof terrace
Floor space approx. 35-57 sqm; operational in approx. 10-40 minutes.


King class of trailers with the largest supply of space and high payload up to 6 tons.; with a covered terrace
Floor space approx. 65-110 sqm; operational in approx. 30-50 minutes.


Custom-built products in combination with proven trailer technology. Example SHARK: Striking, target group-specific optics

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