The CUBE-concept is impressively simple and flexible: The spacious trailer is perfect for direct sales, product presentations, promotions or as a cuisine studio. At 3.6 metres height and 4.4 metres width, the CUBE is an eye-catching architectural structure based on a trailer. It is ideal in combination with the towing vehicle, which can be used for driving to the hotel or for running errands during events lasting several days.


Highly welcoming - made as an invitation to stay

The CUBE knows no psychological inhibition thresholds. The low floor height and the steps along the entire width of the opening create proximity to products and services. Moreover, customers feel comfortable and safe under the roofed, weather-protected cube enclosure. Also, for events during the cold season, the interior can be partly glazed.


Classy body design for true professionals

The body consists of a highly tenacity aluminium-comb construction - making the CUBE very light despite its size. Approximately 800 kg can be built into or loaded onto the CUBE! 


The completely covered frame of the CUBE gives it an elegant, as well as highly professional appearance and thus clearly stands out from the crowd of the vast majority of car trailers. The event area with a length of almost 5 metres is complemented by a useful side room, which can be used as a kitchen, storage space or even as a dressing room. The entire construction measures approx. 6.3 metres in length.

Special features

Saving time and effort

The CUBE is equipped with innovative LED-lighting, which not only ensures perfect illumination but also requires a fraction of energy consumption compared to conventional lighting.

Thanks to its aerodynamic front, the CUBE offers significant fuel-saving benefits.


The panels allow for the CUBE to be set up in approx. 20 minutes by only one person and without much effort.

Gigantic advertising space

80 sqm of well thought through advertisement space

The CUBE offers with a length of only 6.3 metres, its interior and outer walls and the four flags a surprisingly large advertising space of 80 sqm. 


Sound arguments for day-to-day use

The CUBE offers distinctively great features that make it stand out as a fair or information stand.

Cube roof cover and front panels

With the lightweight and easy to mount panels, the CUBE can be transformed into an eye-catching information stand in no time. The front panels also ensure valuable protection against rain and sun.

Useful extra space

The CUBE’s aerodynamic front can be used as storage area, dressing room or as kitchenette. The lockable sliding door also protects valuables and personal belongings from unauthorized access.

State-of-the-art lighting

Energy-saving slim LED panels provide daylight-quality illumination of the latest technology. The energy consumption never exceeds 80 watts.


Four five-metre flagpoles can be easily mounted to the corners of the box construction. The flags measure 260 x 100 cm.

Glazed main area

For protection against the cold weather or for one-on-one conversations, the interior of the CUBE can be partially glazed.

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