The FUTURIA Boxx's unmistakable overall appearance stands out clearly from the crowd of common box body vehicles. This creates increased attention in traffic and with your customers.

High-quality aluminium rim covers and bus mirrors are part of the standard equipment, as well as the latest LED lighting system for perfect illumination of the exhibition area.


Innovative design saves fuel

The wind-tunnel-tested cockpit and the super-lightweight insulated integral box body with an interior floor height of less than 50 cm make the FUTURIA Boxx an innovative pioneer in his category. The aerodynamic carriage design made of high-tenacity fibre reinforced composites does not only save on fuel. With an average of 500 kg of payload provided for furnishings and equipment, there are various possibilities of use. The Boxx is also available with a payload of approx. 1.350 kg.


Tried and tested in winter and heat - including sleeping berth

In contrast to conventional box body vehicles, the thermally insulated box body of the FUTURIA Boxx seamlessly follows every curve of the fully-integral and like-wise insulated driving cab with optimum aerodynamic. Therefore, the FUTURIA Boxx also works as an info vehicle for winter campaigns.

No other vehicle in its category provides a wider and taller interior than the FUTURIA Boxx. Especially for sports and music events of several days' duration, the driving cab offers valuable accommodation on site, with the cockpit hubbed standard in the entire FUTURIA-family.

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