Thank you for your interest in a FUTURIA Boxx from MOST. This decision holds plenty of benefits. We strive to give you the utmost flexibility combined with measurable time and cost savings for your roadshow.


Aerodynamic with generous interior

Presenting products, services and information fast and easy on site – that is exactly what the FUTURIA Boxx was developed for. At 7.5 metres total length the aerodynamic lightweight is particularly suitable for smaller and frequently changing campaign sites and locations, even for setting up in the open countryside. The ample interior offers ideal possibilities for casting/recruiting, training, direct sales, meetings, promotion, product presentation and as a studio, a medical practice or an information vehicle.

Size Comparisons

Top Marks for maximum room volume

The FUTURIA Boxx is the small and agile brother of the well-known FUTURIA truck. The fully insulated integral box body with 2.2 metres in standing height offers the largest room volume in its class.

By the way: The FUTURIA Boxx can be driven on weekends throughout Europe with a category B driving license.

Special features

Inviting low interior floor height

The stylish FUTURIA Boxx is extremely fast to handle with a well thought-out and variable room layout. The two-door cockpit comfortably seats two on swivelling single chairs. Depending on the build, the usage area in the box body measures up to 6 metres and a height of 3 metres. The Boxx is effortlessly made operational within a few minutes. 

Particularly innovative are the air-sprung axles, which allow the lowering of the Boxx by remote control to a welcoming interior floor height below 50 cm.


Our practical experience for your campaigns.

Acceptance and interest from customers come naturally if there is a lot on offer. A perfect appearance with everything that is needed for a smooth running and successful roadshow. The FUTURIA Boxx offers the right equipment for each kind of activity to enable you to undertake your roadshow professionally. In almost all our rental vehicles this equipment is standard with no extra cost involved!

Comfortable access to the main usage area

Entrance door and electrically controlled stair or large entrance gate with or without glazing

Room electricity

230 v supply through high-quality shore power connections, three electric circuits with various sockets inside

Brilliant lighting

Latest energy-saving LED lighting technology (operation via photovoltaic technology optional)

Modern multi-media equipment and climate-control

37 - 40“ LED/LCD monitor and CD/DVD-player, also air conditioning for cooling/heating, standard with vehicle types NE and GE

Rear-view camera and Park-Distance Control

The inconspicuous button-sized camera combined with parking sensors at the front and rear offer high collision protection.

Air suspension

Air-sprung axles balance differing weight loading caused by fittings and installations and protects sensitive exhibits on the road.

Further equipment options

  • large cupboard in the rear, also with refrigerator
  • alarm system with mobile phone notification
  • windows in side wall (can also be utilised as integrated showcase)
  • high-performance heating with timer
  • glazed studio partition wall in rear area
  • outdoor speakers and periphery lighting
  • seating with chairs or stools
  • extendable awning 5 x 2 metres
  • kitchenette with coffee-machine
  • rear carrier rack system for outside mounting of products
  • on-board generator with a continuous output of 2.6 kW
  • photovoltaic support of operation (light/TV)
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