The FUTURIA truck knows no role model – its evolution is based exclusively on the principles of lightweight design and construction, efficiency and distinctiveness, because in our mobile world, increased attention can only be created through an unmistakable design language. And that is exactly what a FUTURIA posesses.


The future is here - from a vision to reality

A FUTURIA has no role models. For its development, the main focus was put on the principles of lightweight construction, efficiency and unique appearance. In the automotive world, great attention can only be achieved by showcasing a distinctive design language. And this is exactly what defines FUTURIA.

The embodiment of passion


The embodiment of passion

The lateral covering of the vehicle superstructure and seamless panels look muscular and elegant. An added benefit is the total reduction of vibration.

When design idiom leaves nothing to be desired


When design idiom leaves nothing to be desired

Simply the beauty of a modern sculpture. The perfect blend of elements makes this show-truck a design icon among the commercial vehicle industry.

Tractor-trailer with racing attributes


Tractor-trailer with racing attributes

The wide shoulders of the rear wheel housings create a powerful overall appearance. The sporty diffusor in contrasting colour and rear lights add to the dramatic visual impact. FUTURIA - a truck that looks as if born on the race track.

Working and sleeping in one and the same place


Working and sleeping in one and the same place

The far forward reaching cockpit transmits the feeling of commanding a spaceship. A double bed and full size cabinets for personal belongings invite the truck crew to take time out, relax and get ready for the next assignment.

Dynamic features inside out


Dynamic features inside out

What starts with a futuristic outside continues on the inside. Perfect lines, easily accessible controls and contrasting colors underline the stand-alone position of a FUTURIA.

Take a seat and feel comfortable

A touch of luxury

Take a seat and feel comfortable

With exceptional quality in workmanship, the finest velour fabrics and robust leathers or faux leathers are fitted inside the FUTURIA cockpit and thus create a distinguished and sophisticated appearance.

Playing with colours and shapes

Your exclusive FUTURIA

Playing with colours and shapes

Add your personal touch and make FUTURIA your own. Enjoy the many possibilities offered to get exactly what you envisioned. A custom tailored and expertly sculpted interior will transform your dreams into reality.

Limited Editions

Limited Edition Trucks

FUTURIA stands for extravagant and vibrant design. By vibrant, we mean the changes that go hand-in-hand with active living and help us develop – just as FUTURIA continuosly evolves.

Limitation guaranteed!

As each of us is unique so is FUTURIA – produced in limited edition, they will never fade into the background.

Each truck has its own pedigree laser engraved in a backlit stainless steel plate on the driver’s side. The owner of a FUTURIA will receive a certificate showing the number of the truck guaranteeing that only 100 of this unit will be built.

The Bite - Edition

After the launch of the "The Inno-Smile" back in 2010, Most will present the new special edition "The Bite" with more progressive features in 2013.

Special Editions

FUTURIA sports+spa – a globally unique concept

The Yacht on Wheels

The FUTURIA sports+spa is the first show truck with integrated whirlpool on a sun deck of almost 11m in length with yacht flooring. The lifestyle-trailer also boasts a sport car garage, a luxurious lounge for ten and a generous sleeping cabin. The truck is equally burgeoning with extras: a high-performance sound system, a large LED-TV, and especially the fog machine with under-floor illumination are good examples for how individually a FUTURIA truck can be equipped.

FUTURIA Executive – the business trailer

Working or receiving guests wherever you like

You decide on the layout and fittings of the FUTURIA “executive”. For example with a separate meeting room or sleeping area, with a super-quiet on-board generator, air-conditioning and heating system, water supply, toilette, kitchen/bar or office with a front desk incl. multimedia equipment.

You think of it and FUTURIA will deliver.


Live your automotive dreams

Vintage cars and exclusive sports cars usually turn heads, create excitement and material for enthusiastic conversations.These are automotive dreams that come alive – perfect symbioses between power and aesthetics that are brought to the streets.

The passionate Chief Designer and Visionary of FUTURIA Guenter Hofbauer says: "The world is full of uniformity. To separate from mainstream, extraordinary and unprecedented attributes count and to achieve this is our aim. Vehicles by MOST are eye-catchers and messengers – they draw maximum attention and establish the wanted contact. FUTURIA sets new standards and we are looking forward to an exciting future and more exciting inventions to come”.

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