Trendsetters are typically one step ahead and break new ground to navigate the future. Are you ready to set distinctive landmarks?

Then the time has come for an encounter with FUTURIA, the new dimension of show-trucks.


Conceived to be conspicuous

FUTURIA trucks clearly stand out from the crowd and awaken ubiquitous curiosity and admiration thanks to their unique streamlined appearance. They are unmistakable eye-catchers – your guarantee for maximum attention on the road, at the POS and directly at your customer's location. Pulled far downwards, the side walls and the rear offer maximum space for individual labelling. For ample interior usage area, one- or two-side-expandable semi-trailers are available.

Size Comparisons

The art of showing grandeur while remaining light and flexible

Aerodynamics and light materials are getting ever more important also with trucks, to protect the environment and resources. FUTURIA, as a light trailer truck was specifically developed for this, but it still appears almost as large as a 40-ton-truck. With a maximum of 11.9 tons and 15 metres in length, a FUTURIA truck is still very agile, which is particularly important in city centres and on small sites.

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Innovation on wheels and of a piece

FUTURIA is a holistic innovative trailer truck concept, as not only the show truck, but also the semi-trailer boasts excellent characteristics in design, weight and functionality.

The aluminium body frame consists of extrusion profiles as main and cross beams especially developed for this model, which in differently executed shapes and cross-sections and combined with force-fit load-bearing sandwich-walls provide highest stability at the lowest possible trailer weight.

The elegantly rounded front part of the semitrailer forms a unit with the side edge of the driving cab and thus diverts the slipstream more easily.

Special Features

Mind the inhibition threshold!

Relatively small axle loads (point load) of truck and trailer ensure a larger selection of locations, which is especially important for activities in city centres. A maximum of three steps are necessary to reach the generous interior of the FUTURIA semi-trailer! This way, the psychological inhibition threshold is drastically reduced.


Tried and tested high-end equipment

A FUTURIA offers the maximum of equipment and technology to help you undertake your roadshow professionally. In the FUTURIAs of the MOST rental fleet, this is standard equipment.

High-end multimedia technology

Sophisticated sound systems for the interior (all types) and outdoors (type OE) with microphones and the latest Blu-ray players and iPod docking stations are typical marks of a FUTURIA, as are the wall-integrated 32-40“ LED/LCD TV-monitors.

Practical interior

Cupboards in the main room as well as in the team- or meeting room keep everything in shipshape. Even the flagpoles are tidily stacked away in a cupboard and always at hand. The bright meeting room offers seating for 6 persons.

Friendly and safe access

The high-quality and non-skip aluminium stairs by MOST with stainless steel railings can be adjusted to uneven ground conditions. Vehicles with open sides boast an inviting stair width of 520 cm!

State-of-the-art lighting

The action floors are provided with brilliant illumination via elegant lighting channels with the latest energy-saving LED-slim panel technology. On request, additional colour-changing LED-light strips ensure atmospheric accentuation.

Control and communication via iPad

Not only the appearance and look of the FUTURIA trailer are futuristic, but also its controls are trend-setting. The iPad controls the lighting, the entire sound system, the climate-control, plus on request also the hydraulics and the on-board generator. Operating hours can be read online, servicing appointments can be planned early on, presentations sent to the monitors and photos of the campaign can be posted straight to the head office, to list only a few possibilities.

Superb standard equipment

  • high-performance climate-control for air-conditioning and heating (makes NE and GE)  
  • sufficient power sockets in various positions
  • high-quality, non-skip and heard-wearing flooring
  • fully hydraulic and automatic levelling of semi-trailer
  • various 230/400 v sockets for power supply via the local power grid

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