The trailer sides are lowered to reduce wind resistance and maximize the surface area for advertising graphics. The fully enclosed axles do not only give the trailer a sleek appearance but also promote safe driving in day-to-day traffic.


Stunning long-range effect and views

Depending on the version, the GIANT offers statically approved terrace surfaces, which are also available roofed. This way, there is a noticeable increase of advertising space. The railing enhances the advertising space to a height of nearly five metres and is safely folded away on the roof when driving.

Safety with functionality

Functional safety in road traffic

The heart of the GIANT with its control modules, pumps and distributors is positioned in the vehicle frame to retain as much interior space as possible. These are mounted inside stainless storage compartments with a waterproof and very solid exterior flap - simultaneously constituting secure underride protection for cyclists and cars.

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