MOST will supply you with drawings and 3D-visualisations that will enable you to create your perfect interior and exterior. Upon request, you will receive branding suggestions or interior designs from our experienced designers and branding specialists. Of course, we will also support your booth builder, as well as your selected agency with anything leading to successful solutions.


Plan your advertising and event spaces

To ensure your GIANT will look exactly the way you envision it

For branding graphics of the vehicle interior and exterior, including flags, aprons and other possible advertising spaces, MOST will provide detailed drawing templates. With the precise floor plans, defining your interior layout is made easy. You decide how and where you want to present your products or your activity.


Your interior in 3D view

Experience your GIANT from every angle

We supply CAD data for almost every MOST vehicle for planning your interior. This allows you to illustrate e.g. walls with flush-mounted monitors, seating areas, counters, terminals etc. in a spatial experience. Especially the management board and sales department will benefit from the detailed insight long before the actual start of the roadshow.

Campaign examples

Every activity requires an individual appearance

We provide you with the best solution!

Not only graphic designs vary from minimalistic to full-size digital prints but also the interior and fittings can highly differ depending on the event activity and target audience. The branding specialists at MOST provide comprehensive solutions for the individual design of your truck and trailer. Just look at our many roadshow projects - successfully implemented thanks to many years of experiences. 

Campaign examples

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