With up to 6.2 metres in height and 10 metres width, the GIANT is the ultimate flagship for mobile marketing and informational campaigns. Due to its massive construction, also heavy exhibits can be taken on board and products or services can be spaciously presented thanks to side-expandable room modules.


Impressive size and classy appearance

Trucks of the type GIANT have little in common with units from the commercial transport sector. They have been developed for people to meet and interact. Equipment options such as roof terraces, area extensions and independent water and power supply are particular characteristics of the GIANT. Note: The GIANT is universally compatible with all globally leading truck models.


Highest quality and reliability

By far, the GIANT represents the majority of semi-trailer flagships for promotion, information and presentation. For nearly 25 years, the GIANT has proved its worth and has since been continually developed.

Efficient roadshows impress particularly with minimal personnel and time requirements for vehicle set-up at the event location. In fact, the truck manager can handle all GIANT set-up procedures without any additional help. An essential part for a smooth running roadshow is, of course, constant technical reliability, which has been tested and proven during thousands of missions.


Create spaces at the push of a button

Sophisticated and advanced technology makes space additions and levelling of the trailer a matter of minutes. The GIANT meets these expectations in every respect. It automatically levels itself and the area extensions slide-out by simply pushing a button.

Specific Features

Welcoming event areas

Despite the sophisticated technology for complex hydraulic system for the lateral extensions, the floor height of only approx. 100 cm is easily reached without any disrupting interior wheel housing. This is an important feature for your customers, after all, the fewer steps to access the main area, the more welcoming your vehicle appears.

Independence on the most important places of the world.

With its own power- and water-supply the GIANT can be set-up and used independently from local water- and power-supplies in all suitable places. Thus insuring  maximum flexibility during location planning.

Features & Options

All that is needed for a worry-free and perfect roadshow

High-quality vehicle equipment and fittings making a roadshow easy and successful. The GIANT provides interior options that leave nothing to be desired for a truly professional roadshow. 

These features are standard at all GIANT models of MOST’s rental fleet.

Automatic door systems

Automatic entrance and exit doors offer ultimate convenience. The wide tempered glass sections create a fully air-conditioned, daylight flooded and inviting event area.

State-of-the-art light system

Perfect interior illumination via elegant integrated ceiling lights based on the latest, energy-saving, slim LED panel technology.

Integrated stage or deck

The GIANT is a transformation artist. Depending on the chosen version, a fully integrated stage can be added hydraulically by the push of a button. When not in use, this stage is not visible from the trailer’ inside.

Kitchen or meeting room

The generous on-board kitchen is equipped with dishwasher, fridges, hot water supply and cabinets. Alternatively, this area can also be laid out as a meeting room.


For your very special clients, the roof terrace can be used as VIP zone with stunning distant views. The railing offers additional advertising space and lighting can be integrated into the non-slip flooring upon request.

Large-scale glazing

The entire width of the area extension can be glazed with the GE-version and thus, daylight provides a friendly and inviting interior atmosphere.

High-end multimedia technology

Top-of-the-line in and outdoor sound systems including microphones, state-of-the-art Blu-ray players with iPad control, and flush-mounted LED/LCD monitors.

Extensive standard equipment

  • high-performance heating and air-conditioning system
  • integrated super-silent on-board generator with 32 kW
  • numerous sockets in various locations
  • high-quality, hard-wearing, non-slip flooring
  • automatic hydraulic trailer self-levelling system
  • Flagpoles and gallows for additional visual impact on site
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