The PRESENTER is a classic among the information and presentation vehicles for B2B-activities and has proven itself over many years. It is particularly called for where heavy-weight exhibits come in. Depending on the build its payload is approx. 2.5 to 4.5 tons at a compact vehicle length of 10 metres maximum.

The heavy-duty chassis with motors of varying strength and driving cabs by leading truck manufacturers create a good basis for professional presentations.


The all-rounder for custom requirements

The PRESENTER impresses, above all, through its versatile set-up options and ground clearance. Inside or under the box body, heating, water supply, a power generator or compressor can be built in or underneath the box body. The interior floor is individually suited to the fixed mounting of exhibits of different weight. Moreover, the PRESENTER can be built with individually chosen internal height for particularly tall exhibits.


Built exactly to your requirements

There is a wide range of equipment and furnishing solutions for the PRESENTER. Compose your desired vehicle from different entrances, interior options and helpful assistance devices - we will support you with this.

Entrance with automatic doors

The two-metre wide entrance area can be fitted with automatic sliding doors, which are particularly visitor-friendly. The glazing offers the additional advantage of making the interior appear light and transparent.

Simple access from each spot

Various entrances and stairs can be built into the PRESENTER according to your special requirements. The options range from extracting stairs with comfortable, winter-proof steps to swivel-out units for sloping floors and podiums for rear access.

Roofed entrance area

The side flap opens up to the roof and provides protection from rain and intense sunlight.Upon request, it can be glazed and fitted with lights.

Practical Interior

Tailor-made interior options are available for the PRESENTER. It is, for example, possible to integrate a small storage or technology room and exhibits can be firmly mounted onto the hard-wearing floor. Suspended light ceilings and double wall constructions present almost endless possibilities for a professional presentation area.

Complete frame cover

Show-trucks look more and more professional compared to conventional transport vehicles. Therefore, the entire frame and the rear of the PRESENTER are fully covered. Not only do the upwards-folding side panels significantly increase the advertisement surfaces but also give the entire vehicle a highly modern and classy appearance.

Automatic levelling

The PRESENTER can be equipped with hydraulic legs that are levelled automatically for presentation mode. Within a few minutes they create a secure horizontal stand.

Rear-view driving system

With the rear-view camera, the driver can view the exterior of the vehicle and help preventing accidents. This gadget significantly eliminates dangerous blind spots and offering increased safety for the driver and everyone around.Depending on the country and regulations, an acoustic Reverse Warning System can be added for increased safety.

Heating, air conditioning, generator

The PRESENTER offers plenty of space to install for air-conditioning system, independent power supply as well as compressed air and water supply.

Campaign examples

Every activity requires an individual appearance

We provide you with the best solution

Not only do graphic designs vary from minimalistic to full-size digital prints but also the interior and fittings can highly differ depending on the event activity and target audience. The branding specialists at MOST provide comprehensive solutions for the individual design of your truck and trailer. Just look at our many roadshow projects - successfully implemented thanks to many years of experiences.

Campaign examples

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