MOST will supply you with drawings and 3D-object data, which allow you to design the outside of your chosen vehicle and completely furnish it inside.On request, you will receive branding suggestions or interior designs from MOST. We will also support your designer for your trade-show stand, or your preferred agency with these tasks.


Plan your advertising and promotion surfaces

What will your PROMOSTAR look like?

The positioning and effect of a branding for the outer and inner surfaces of a vehicle plus flags and further advertising spaces are made considerably easier with extensive drawing templates by MOST. Dimensioned surface areas also allow you to plan in which vehicle- or outdoor zone to present what or to undertake which activity.


Your interior in 3D-view

Experience your PROMOSTAR from all angles

We supply CAD data for almost every MOST-vehicle for the planning of your interior. This allows you to depict, for instance, walls with integrated monitors, seating, counters, terminals etc. from every angle. This way, you grant your co-decision makers and the sales department detailed insight into your campaign long before the start of the actual roadshow.

Campaign examples

Roadshows are individual and eye-catching

We provide you with an adequate solution

Whether your requirements are a functional or highly flamboyant full-size-branding, the interior and equipment for each campaign type and target audience are just as well very individual. MOST's experts for branding and interior offer extensive ideas and solutions for the individual design, furnishing and equipment of your truck and trailer. Learn more about the vast experience we gained in numerous projects!

Campaign examples

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