The sleek and agile trailer truck is ideally suited for public spaces or unknown locations in particular. The PROMOSTAR range offers a rich spectrum for an individual performance in close proximity to the target audience – open at the side, glazed or as promotion stage, or even as a double or quadruple combination, adding up to a multiple of usage area.


More agile and lighter than its big brothers

The PROMOSTAR captivates through outstanding characteristics, adding efficiency to mobility: Simple set-up and dismounting in extremely short time and by only the driver, more than 2 tons of payload for exhibits/furnishings and professional truck appearance with 5 axles and up to 32 sqm usage area. This way, mobile fairs and promotion campaigns can be undertaken with an optimum of cost-benefit efficiency.

Size Comparisons

PROMOSTAR, the Top Dog

With its 5 axles, it boasts the appearance of 40 ton- vehicles, but it is around 2.5 metres shorter and with 8.75 tons max. much lighter. With the spacious PROMOSTAR, it is possible to access a higher number of public spaces.


The PROMOSTAR basically has it all

PROMOSTAR trucks by MOST have an unmistakable style. The towing vehicle with couch in the double cabin convinces through aerodynamic fittings in vehicle colour and stainless-steel running boards. The chrome-plated non-brand radiator grill (optional) renders the PROMOSTAR brand-neutral.

The streamlined semi-trailers with stunning appearance and thermally insulated box boast a lightweight aluminium body specifically designed for marketing activities on public places. The air-sprung axles are particularly suitable for sensitive exhibits and an EBS braking system completes the equipment list. Nonetheless, the lightweight PROMOSTAR stands out in every other aspect too; more than 2 decades of Roadshow proven construction and technology that will satisfy the most demanding requirements, making it the perfect fit for every type of mobile campaign, promotion or presentation.

Special Features

A head start and comfort in every respect

Relatively small axle loads of truck and trailer ensure a noticeably higher selection of possible exhibition sites, which is especially important in city centres, where weight restrictions often apply.

Only two steps are necessary to reach the generous interior area of the PROMOSTAR semi-trailer! With an interior floor height of only approx. 60 cm, the end-consumers' psychological inhibition threshold is considerably reduced.

By the way: The entire interior floor is level and has no annoying wheel arches – this leaves you free to choose where to set up your exhibits.


Top marks for professional operation

The PROMOSTAR captivates with rich equipment details second to none. The PROMOSTAR is a highly professional and multi-flexible meeting platform with high-quality components and equipment, tried and tested in real life conditions for many years.

High quality multimedia technology

All semi-trailers contain powerful sound systems, for the interior (all) and for outdoors (OE/ST/FE) with sound mixer and two microphones as well as two image and sound players. Integrated into the partition wall towards the upper room is a 40-42“ LED/LCD TV-monitor. This way you can entertain and inform your guests in the best possible way.

Practical interior

Well-designed cupboard- and wall systems in the main room as well as the storage and meeting room make perfect use of every inch in the PROMOSTAR. The flag poles for instance can be stowed away in the cupboards and the brochures are always at hand.

High-quality safe access

The MOST aluminium-stairs of up to 5 metres width are very appealing visually, but also non-skid and easily adaptable to uneven ground conditions. Only 3 steps are necessary to reach the activity floor.

State-of-the-art light system

Elegant, latest-technology LED lighting channels provide brilliant illumination of the campaign spaces at low wattage. The light panels can be dimmed per remote control.

Meeting room

Up to 6 people can be seated in the expanded team- or meeting room, which is equipped with seating area, cupboard and glazed sliding door. Sockets for laptops etc. are also available.

Own power supply on board

With the super-quiet on-board generator you are completely independent from local electricity supply, wherever you are. At a capacity of 11.4 to 13.8 kW, also exhibits with a higher power requirement can be demonstrated live.

Climate-control and heating

Due to high-performance air conditioning and on request also with additional heating, your guests will be comfortable in the PROMOSTAR, no matter which weather prevails.


4 aluminium poles at 5 metres height and gallows for flags measuring 100 x 260 cm (width x height) create a valuable long-distance effect.

Superb standard equipment

  • sufficient power sockets in various positions
  • high-quality, non-skip and heard-wearing flooring
  • fully hydraulic and automatic levelling of semi-trailer
  • various 230/400 v sockets for power supply via the local power grid

Equipment options that leave nothing to be desired

The PROMOSTAR-Family provides many more useful equipment options, for instance:

  • ramp for wheel chairs and rear ramp
  • floor space expansion kits for bad weather
  • galley, coffee maker, refrigerator
  • additional spotlights for the interior
  • rear-view camera, alarm system
  • trailer tent for expanding the outdoor usage area by 70 to 100 sqm

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