On the road, the 8-metre car and trailer combination is THE attention seeker. The smooth engine sound, the large air inlets on both sides and the side-collision protection are just a few attributes of the race-inspired TRIKE. The solo TRIKE can achieve a maximum speed of approx. 200 km/h.


Sporty design with open air feeling

Here, the rider takes center stage

The wide mudguards and extra wide aluminium wheels and rear spoilers in vehicle colour, emphasise the strength of the TRIKE as towing vehicle.

The chromed applications give the unique TRIKE the perfect finish and make it a gleaming head-turner. The wheels of the towing vehicle are available either high-glossed polished or matt black.

No doubt - riding the TRIKE and trailer is an enchanting experience that apart from riding the bike requires waving quite often.


Aerodynamic retro design

Trailer body made in one piece

The TRAILER EXC-1 and the TRIKE is a match made in heaven. The wedge shaped trailer matches the design language of the TRIKE and creates additional advertising space with the opened top loader flap. The trailer is accessible via a rear ramp, which also serves as extended event area.

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