The TRAILER TRIKE is next to unbeatable when it comes to Attraction. Particularly for promotion activities on the POS or with distributors, this combination promises undivided attention. The TRIKE with its futuristic appearance is sure to create plenty to talk about and pulls the TRAILER with a small presentation area.


Attract attention at a low price

The TRAILER TRIKE is extremely versatile - whether as striking mobile piece of art bringing your message to the road, as eye-catcher at your POS or for street promotion outside of fairs or inside city centres. Why not turn your campaign into a European business partner event with several TRAILER TRIKEs. Driving the high-performance TRIKE and trailer is a job for real pros and that is why, MOST not only offers to rent the extraordinary motorcycle combination but also its rider.


3-wheeler with the sound of a sports car

This sporty power unit comes with a high torque water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine with 110 hp or 140 hp/1003 kW  

The full sound of the stainless steel exhaust system and the deep intake noise of the High Flow air filter guarantee exciting driving experience.

High-quality equipment is standard for promotional activities:

  • Front tyres 200/50 ZR 17 and 3-part alloy-rim, polished or painted
  • Rear tyres 305/30ZR 19 and polished or painted alloy-rims
  • Steering fork either chrome-plated or black with auxiliary head lights
  • Chassis with Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers, adjustable
  • Brake booster
  • Perforated stainless steel disc brake front / rear
  • brake and clutch pedal adjustment mechanism
  • stainless steel race exhaust system
  • Integrated boot
  • Black sport seats
  • Spoiler in vehicle colour
  • Large side-collision protection
  • Clear glass driving lamps and auxiliary driving lamps
  • Arm rests for passenger seat
  • Roadster hoop
  • Two tone horn
  • Chrome faceplates for rear lights
  • GPS navigation
  • Tow bar

Trailer EXC-1

The trailer - for the trike

The trailer EXC-1 is highly streamlined and fits perfectly to the TRIKE. The rear flap is easily opened up and by swinging open the additional roof flap, interior headroom is created.

Options for promotional activities: 

  • Metallic paintwork
  • Platform extension at rear
  • Lashing points
  • Hard-wearing PVC-flooring
  • Lateral rain protection 
  • Drawbar lock
  • Alarm system

Trailer EXC-2

The bigger trailer brother for cars

Trailer EXC is also available one size larger - offering much higher payload capacity with approx. 850 or 1.230 kg. A special permit allows you to drive 100 km/h providing that the towing vehicle meets the required specifications. Of course, the trailer interior can be customized. Just to give an example, a small storage area could be installed inside the front space and the space with a width of 153/188 cm could be used as mini-lounge/-cinema or for storage of additional equipment.

Campaign examples

Every activity requires an individual appearance

We provide you with the best solution

Not only do graphic designs vary from minimalistic to full-size digital prints but also the interior and fittings can highly differ depending on the event activity and target audience. The branding specialists at MOST provide comprehensive solutions for the individual design of your truck and trailer. Just look at our many roadshow projects - successfully implemented thanks to many years of experiences.

Campaign examples

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