Rental and Purchase

You only need one vehicle for a short time, or a whole fleet on an all-inclusive basis? Or are you planning to acquire a truck as your brand messenger for many years and all over the continent? No problem, MOST supplies the perfect made to measure solution regardless of whether you intend to rent or purchase are looking for a full-service leasing plan where everything is taken care of for you.


Renting a truck or info vehicle with all-round support service

Europe's most up-to-date and most attractive vehicle fleet with top-quality features is at your disposal for rental with comprehensive support. Renting is an interesting way of testing your chosen vehicle with all its features with the option to purchase later on. 

We take care of the vehicle wrapping and equipping the interior according to your requirements, which leaves you free to focus on your own tasks. By the way: only your advertising is displayed on your hired vehicle, after all, for the duration of your tour it is entirely yours!


Your own show truck as your flagship

For example: a FUTURIA from the limited truck series. Tried and tested vehicle models are the best guarantee for stable value and reliability in action. We build your vehicle and equip it exactly the way you wish. Purchasing is ideal if you intend to use the vehicle over many years and have your own infrastructure for maintenance, care and for fulfilling all the other obligations for operating trucks.


Roadshows without a high capital and personnel commitment

We also offer suitable solutions if you require a cost-per-unit calculation that is as firm as possible over several years, while retaining the option of reacting flexibly to the changes in the required space or the campaign content with different vehicles:

Used Vehicles

Limited Budget? No Problem.

The purchase of a used show truck or info vehicle is definitely a financially interesting alternative, but also a matter of trust. After all, what looks like a great vehicle may not always fulfil the technical expectations under expert scrutiny.  

That is why MOST mainly supplies vehicles from in-house series-related manufacturing with tried and tested features and in top condition.

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