Tour Equipment

MOST provides the right tour equipment for your kind of event quickly and easily – for rental or purchase. After the inspection we prepare the equipment you selected, load it onto the vehicle and it will travel with you in the truck for your entire tour.


Rented furnishings for your roadshow

Choose your equipment from an extensive range of furnishings specifically suited to mobile applications. This allows you to hold press conferences, consultations or product presentations anywhere in the world without having to take care of acquisition.

  • tables for conferences and consultations
  • chairs, stools and lounge chairs
  • sideboards, counters and poseur tables
  • professional coffee-makers and refrigerators
  • wheelchair ramps or stair climbers

If you require personalised equipment in accordance with your corporate design, we will of course produce it for you or use furniture from your own fair stock.


Presentation and lighting technology on demand

Campaign contents vary widely. Accordingly, so does the technology that needs to be installed into a vehicle or accompany its journey. The typical training equipment with video-editing and high resolution TV panels for laptop presentations is as much part of it as PA and lighting systems for presentation, music and shows. Here some examples of the technical equipment you can rent from MOST:

  • LED/LCD TV and touchpad panels
  • Semi-professional PA for open-air sound
  • PC terminals with Wi-Fi router
  • Outdoor lighting for flags and vehicle
  • LED walls for inside and outside


Weather-independent solutions for outdoor areas

Depending on how much space you need, your event and presentation area can be expanded with individual roofing solutions. Practically regardless of the weather, the truck space can be supplemented by tent systems for large receptions and events or as additional information and themed areas.

Escort Vehicles

Escort and transport vehicles

Sometimes the loading capacity of the campaign vehicle is insufficient, particularly where additional material for outdoor areas such as tent systems, floors or further presentation areas are called for. And anybody who has ever had to spontaneously find accommodation at a popular event or a trade fair will appreciate the independence a campervan offers. 


At MOST, you can book the right escort or transport vehicle and have it branded too.

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