Used Vehicles

Are you looking for a second-hand show truck, an exhibition booth on wheels, an information mobile or a promotional vehicle of proven design and very good condition?

Look here for vehicles and mobile exhibition stand constructions by MOST that are already – or will soon be – up for sale. We would be pleased to take care of any necessary adjustments or customize the entire interior design based on your specifications.


Fully-insulated information mobile 
  • 3.5-ton version possible with Class B driving license or 4.5 tons total weight
  • Navigation, Radio/CD, Bluetooth, 
  • rear view camera and PDC (park distance control)
  • large luggage rack, air conditioner, heat exchanger
  • exhibition and presentation surface: 4.8 x 2.2 x 2.2 meters


Action area with 4.8 x 2.2 x 2.2 m 
  • spacious platform stairs with handrails on both sides
  • glazed entrance area has width of 178 cm 
  • air conditioner and additional heater
  • very bright illumination with LED light fields
  • anti-slip floor covering



Semitrailer with four variable approaches 
  • room modules bilaterally extendable to a width of 6.5 meters
  • 2x wide, glazed entrances with automatic doors
  • wheelchair ramp installed laterally
  • lateral service/caterer entrance with sliding door 
  • 3 air conditioners with trickle ceiling
  • extra heater and ventilation
  • onboard super-silent 25 kilowatt generator


  • LED light panels at all areas
  • partition wall with integrated monitor
  • kitchen/team room
  • roof terrace or railing to serve as advertising panels
  • 8 flagpoles and many additional feature

suitable for normal truck tractors



Semitrailer featuring large veranda and glazing 
  • bilaterally extendable room modules plus additional surface area with veranda achieves a width of 8.5 meters
  • lateral sliding door in the back to use as service/caterer entrance
  • 3 air conditioners, extra heater and ventilation
  • onboard super silent 25 kilowatt generator
  • large LED light panel integrated in all ceilings
  • back-lit rear wall with integrated monitor


  • preassembly for partition wall used to create separate meeting room/kitchen
  • roof terrace with large hydraulic advertising panel
  • double wall system on main wall for back-lighting system
  • 4 flagpoles
  • and much more

suitable for standard tractor units


Subject to change or prior sale at any time without notice.

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