The ʺAltmühltal Classic Sprintʺ ranks among the most important vintage car rallies. In the meantime, it is followed by various film and TV crews that produce reports and features to be broadcast in 109 countries. Unsurprisingly, the Classic Sprint is one of Europe’s top classic car events when it comes to viewer numbers.

The Altmühltal Classic Sprint embodies Italian lifestyle, bringing together the stop-watch with spectacular landscapes and cultural attractions. Regularity tests promote – and demand – dexterity; racing breaks are taken at historical structures or in cozy little towns boasting lots of sandstone, half-timber constructions and baroque architecture.

This 3-day vintage car rally takes place annually on a June weekend. Starting in Nuremburg, it leads across Middle Franconia with its highlight – on the second day – in the picturesque Altmühl Valley. The 130 highly-coveted racing slots sees Bentley and Bugatti pilots sharing stories about their driving experiences and mechanical feats with Opel and VW owners while also competing for top spots during the special stages. The picture is rounded off by some 30 000 delighted spectators waving at the roadside.

At the Altmühltal Classic Sprint, enthusiasm and passion – paired with precision and showtime – reign supreme. That’s why the roadshow experts at MOST have been a sponsor and passionate partner of the Altmühltal Classic Sprint since 2018. Competing again this year is MOST‘s 1956 Ford F-100, one of the most beautiful pick-up trucks on this planet and thus also uniquely popular.

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