In 2018, MOST Mobile can look back on 30 years of company history. But there is, in fact, a twofold cause for celebration.

Back in 1988, when the foundation for today’s company was laid, a vintage Chevrolet Corvette C2 was expected to arrive from across ˈthe big pondˈ. As chance would have it, a limousine for chauffeur services was loaded onto the ship instead. Such world famous stars as Frank Sinatra and Madonna were subsequently ferried around in it.

Nobody ever anticipated that – exactly 30 years later – the coveted Corvette would still wind up in Fuerth with MOST’s managing director, Günter Hofbauer. ˈIt’s great to be able to proudly look upon a 30-year-old company history – the entire team takes joy in this! But the circumstance that the car of my childhood dreams – the original reason for this anniversary – is on hand now for these celebrations makes me feel very lucky indeed.ˈ

MOST’s 30-year history is a colorful success story about cars and show trucks. And, more specifically, it’s a sound foundation for the coming 30 years. It will be interesting to see what we’ll be celebrating then!

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