Just prior to publishing its annual accounts for 2016, MOST GmbH, which is specialized in the manufacture of presentation vehicles and vehicles for training purposes, was able to report a further increase in sales. This applies for its core business fields of leasing and sales as well as customization services. This development is largely driven by a rate of new customer acquisition that is unprecedented in the company’s history.

MOST is particularly successful with its vehicles in the 3.5 to 12 ton range. Informed by experience, Hannes Maurer, who has overall responsibility for project and work planning, explains: 'Vehicles that are lighter and more manageable in size are also easier to maneuver. And this goes hand-in-hand with more parking options compared to large super trucks. The latter boast significantly larger interiors but their width of almost nine meters in presentation set-up also requires significantly more space.'

Oliver Haack, MOST’s vehicle fleet manager who is also responsible for vehicles training with the various models adds: 'More and more businesses prefer to be on the road in an environmentally-friendly manner and they also want to show this. Thus, lighter, more aerodynamic vehicles such as the fuel-efficient FUTURIA Boxx are very popular among our clients.'

But MOST GmbH also has a lot to offer in terms of environmental consciousness and conserving resources when it comes to the larger vehicle classes. Indeed, companies that are interested in stressing their market leadership – or simply need more space for either meeting up with customers or for their presentations – put great store by our imposing semitrailers from the GIANT model series. Günter Hofbauer adds: 'We only put tractor units on the road that comply with the latest EU exhaust emission standards. And for our customers’ roadshows, we compensate for the carbon footprint (per driven kilometer) through offset projects carried out by 'myclimate', a renowned Swiss foundation for environmental protection.

MOST‘s modern working and space conditions allow for the concurrent construction of several vehicles – including their interior fitting. This too is critical to the company’s steady success. New company premises that MOST relocated to in 2014 makes this possible. Hofbauer, chief strategist and principle consultant, sums up the advantages as follows: 'Beyond our showroom, potential customers can now get a comprehensive picture that includes our assembly area. They can see how we work and what can be anticipated from MOST in the near and more distant future. This is why we expect to outdo some of our own records in the upcoming years.'

Günter Hofbauer, Managing Director of MOST GmbH, is pleased with the company’s success.

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