With more than 100 journalists and 800 invited guests representing politics, science, the industry and media, the GreenTec Awards ceremony in Berlin/Germany on 30 August, was definitely the green highlight and an environmental celebration like no other. 

As part of the gala, the truck manufacturer MOST staged the premiere of their brand new model FUTURIA “The Bite” and sent the show truck with futuristic appeal on the road in Berlin, where it crisscrossed the city as an ambassador for GreenTec Awards with clear graphics messages. 

In addition to the German Minister of the environment, Peter Altmeier, who also held the patronage over the event, a substantial number of honored guests and celebrities attended the awards gala; TV-chef Sarah Wiener, ex-football pro Christoph Metzelder and star moderator Sabine Christiansen were among them. GreenTec Awards, as Europe’s most important prize for environment and industry, promotes and rewards research, environmental engagement, progress and vision in the most important areas of sustainability and environmental protection.

The awards in 8 categories were presented in the Deutsche Telekom city offices. The Awards show received their “special touch” through the presence of attendees from all walks of life and through participation of high profile corporations like Airbus, Telekom or Porsche who support the GreenTec Awards just like MOST does. MOST CEO Guenter Hofbauer: “We are well and perfectly positioned in this environment”. 

The MOST premiere truck “The Bite”, is noticed immediately and recognized by its exclusive design features, resembling a large mouth opening bordered by two large fangs.For the European market leader and visionary in terms of design and manufacture of specialty vehicles like info and marketing trucks, the new series “The Bite” perfectly demonstrates MOST’s leadership role in the market.

Of course, for the organizers of the GreenTec Awards, the overall appearance of the truck as the ambassador of the event was an issue, but more importantly, it had to reflect the message and philosophy of the GreenTec Awards. “FUTURIA trucks and trailers are based on lightweight aluminum superstructures with high strength and wind tunnel tested compound exteriors” says MOST Mobile Specials CEO Guenter Hofbauer. “Both basic elements, minimal weight and aerodynamics, result in noticeable fuel savings and reduction of CO2 emissions. With that, FUTURIA has not just revolutionized this sector of the trucking industry, but has also inspired and challenged truck manufacturing for years to come”.

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