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Geberit gives potential customers an opportunity to try it out

The shower toilet roadshow has begun

As of this summer, Geberit is directly addressing its customers as part of a major campaign. At selected locations and targeted events, the Geberit AquaClean truck presents the subject of “cleaning with water” in an innovative way.

Potential customers are given the opportunity to experience and to test this natural form of personal hygiene in an exclusive atmosphere. Geberit views the campaign as a next step towards a new culture of hygiene in Germany.

Meeting potential customers wherever they are is Geberit’s approach for this roadshow. Between early July and mid-September, the AquaClean vehicle will make stops at top-class sporting and cultural events, as well as at busy shopping centres. In other words, in all those places “where you can feel life pulsating and where our trendy clientele with great purchasing power can be found”, says Thomas Brückle, division head of marketing for Geberit. With this roadshow, Geberit aims to sustainably support the retail market and crafts sector with the sale of its high-tech AquaClean shower toilets.

Stylish truck transformed into an “AquaClean mobile”

Geberit selected MOST’s FUTURIA truck for the roadshow as its tractor unit and semi-trailer offer important properties. The tractor-trailer’s futuristic design appeals to the target group and, despite the trailer’s large volume, it’s still within the lightweight class. This, of course, substantially facilitates positioning the vehicle in public places and at event locations.

Unique, premium-class vehicle project

The Geberit AquaClean truck & trailer showcases “cleaning with water” and is meant to compel potential customers to test this product. Geberit placed high demands in the design and functions of the interior design, which was a real challenge for MOST. After all, the AquaClean Mera was supposed to be tested in a relaxed atmosphere with utmost discretion. In order to meet these requirements, MOST deployed sophisticated water, climate and ventilation technology and designed an elegant interior to create the perfect ambient conditions. The objective was to convey an unforgettable “feel-good experience” for customers using AquaClean Mera for the first time.

The Geberit AquaClean mobile is on the road as of July 2015. MOST is particularly proud to be able to once again put a spotlight on its wide-ranging competence in vehicle and interior construction.

The video “The Making of - Geberit AquaClean on tour” offers a small insight into Geberit’s expectations and the creation of the roadshow truck from the first design all the way through its rollout.

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