On request, our experienced project managers and schedulers compile the tour and its schedule, as well as briefing the truck managers on the specific requirements of the roadshow.

But that's not all. At your request, MOST will network your roadshow activities all over Europe and will take care of a lot of details that you lack the time to look after.

Project Management

A roadshow consists of countless small details.

Are there drinks on board? Who is meeting who and when? Have the crew outfits been washed?

Who books the ferries and who takes care of customs formalities? In a roadshow the tasks are many and diverse, nevertheless, with MOST you have only one Europe-wide contact for everything you want to move. Your project manager takes care of everything from the beginning: the entire operation management to the handling of the goods and equipment, up to quality control, reporting and accounting.

Location Check

Which vehicle suits which site?

Differently sized vehicles require different site conditions. We will supply you with the turning radius and checklists for your distribution. If you are not sure, we will do the location scouting for you. After all, you don't want to be situated in a hidden corner or on sloping terrain. Site bookings are the responsibility of your agency or we will provide you with a selection of event agencies with roadshow experience. 

Globally connected

Make your roadshow project a worldwide success

Costs for the interior design and the graphic labeling apply for each roadshow once. For a more cost-effective concept, why not extending the roadshow? We support you when it comes to involving your colleagues from other departments or subsidiaries and to use vehicle at the end of the tour.

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Planning Tools

Organisational tools for your roadshow

Microsite, Online-Tourenplan,

You need tried and tested file templates, an online tour schedule or your own microsite complete with booking tool for the preparation and planning of your roadshow? No problem. MOST will supply you with the right templates and professional support for the execution.

Of course, every vehicle in the MOST rental fleet has been assigned a fixed mobile phone number to assure that your truck manager can be reached at any time, and the up-to-the-minute tour data with modifications or additions can be sent. 

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