Truck Management

For over 25 years now, MOST has also been servicing customer-owned vehicles. Among other things we ensure constant operational readiness and safety through vehicle checks and maintenance, and we take care of cleaning, care and storage of vehicles and material, as well as providing trained drivers.


We move your vehicle where you want it

MOST offers vehicle owners an economically interesting alternative to owner-operation of a show truck or info vehicle. Instead of the firm obligation of your own truck and organisation crews, you can put the operation of your vehicle into our hands. Drivers who are specifically trained for the execution of roadshows will take your vehicle wherever you want, whenever you want. Of course, the safe set-up and dismantling as well as cleaning are also part of the package. And if you wish, you can provide our truck managers with product training, supply them with company uniform and specify a dress code for the roadshow, the set-up and the event itself, for instance a trade fair.


With MOST your truck is in excellent company

MOST offers you an extensive hosting service package, fine-tuned to the specific needs of roadshow vehicles. Your truck has a permanent parking space or an exclusive hall space. We take care of the constant operational readiness and deal with cleaning and maintenance.

Moreover, we provide you with storage for your changing tour equipment and promotional gifts which can be exchanged or loaded on board on request. The package also includes recommendations for appropriate insurance protection and the readout and back up of relevant tour data, as well as reminders of when the next statutory vehicle safety test or maintenance interval is due.


We ensure your vehicle wants for nothing

Show trucks and info-mobiles are branch offices on wheels which have to work smoothly in any part of the world. Therefore, MOST offers regular vehicle checks as well as servicing of generators, air conditioning, electrics, leak testing for water and hydraulic systems as well as the set-up itself. After all, apart from ensuring maximum operational and driving safety, the long-term maintenance of the value of your vehicle is also of the essence.

Licences and Approvals

Countless regulations – one head office

Requirements and framework conditions surrounding the operation of a show truck or info vehicle are manifold. MOST is your central contact, no matter whether the issue is for instance the compilation of a construction book for “mobile structures“ complete with structural analysis, safe stairs/access, testing and approval according to accident prevention regulations, positioning and testing of fire extinguishers and, ultimately, the coordination with exhibition companies regarding the set-up, or in the end, writing carnets and speedy customs handling.

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